Entrepreneurs Everywhere with Eric Ries (Ep. 1)

Entrepreneurs Everywhere with Eric Ries (Ep. 1)

For the first episode of our New Human Movement series, Gary and I sat down with Eric Ries--a serial entrepreneur, the bestselling author of the Lean Startup, and founder of the Long Term Stock Exchange.  

We covered a lot of topics, including:

  1. Why most organizations squander more capacity than they use,
  2. The problem of short-termism;
  3. How to dismantle the bureaucratic confederacy, and
  4. Accelerating the evolution of management.

For our reflections on this conversation, check out the companion article published by Fast Company:

This is how big companies can bust out of bureaucratic thinking
Author and professor Eric Ries discusses how large companies can overcome their set ways to act more like startups and think inventively.

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