Our approach to "hacking" the organization and building next-generation capabilities

In a world of unrelenting change and unprecedented challenges, the biggest risk to sustained success is a bureaucratic management model that undermines resilience, stifles creativity and saps initiative. Organizations have spent years re-engineering their business models for efficiency, speed and responsiveness. Now it’s time to retool thei management models for adaptability, innovation, engagement.

Over the years, Gary Hamel and I (alongisde other MLab colleagues) have built CrowdLab, a methodology and platform which allowss organizations to dismantle bureaucracy, build next generation capabilities, and accelerate the pace of organizational change and renewal—all in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of traditional change programs.

Built to support company-wide “management hackathons,” CrowdLab overcomes many of the limitations of traditional change management, such as long lag times between sense and respond, a lack of creativity and nuance in centrally-devised approaches, limited buy-in and unforeseen implementation risks.

Crowdlab engages the entire organization in a creative quest to reimagine the management model...

...around new, post-bureaucratic principles such as ownership, meritocracy, experimentation, markets, openness, and community.

The platform  blends a variety of proprietary content—video lectures, surveys, diagnos­tics, templates, tools, dashboards, etc.—which encourage breakout thinking and the discovery of high impact solutions. It is the combination of a custom-built collaborative platform and deep, research-based content that makes CrowdLab a unique powerful solution for accelerated organizational change.

We've successfully tested our platform for “hacking” at scale with some progressive organizations, including:

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